Tarot Classes taught by a Master!
Teaching The Thoth Deck!
Tarot Classes taught by Rick Finbow.

This intensive 4 week course will
have you reading for friends, family
and yourself. Most decide to pursue a
career as a professional Psychic!

4 week course includes all handouts
and The Thoth  deck!

Intensive 2 hour sessions per week
for 4 weeks. Taught in a small group
for individual clarity.

Four Saturdays, 2pm-4pm starting
pril 1st!

Only $280.00

More info email me at
Learn Tarot spreads including the four
card sacred answer spread! The
Relationship Spread and the Sacred
Channel Spread of those who have
passed on!

Week 1 teaches how to read anyone quickly and accurately
within 5 minutes, with the use of Numerology and the Tarot!
The Major Arcana cards are learned!

Week 2 teaches the Minor Arcana  cards and two new spreads.
How to ground yourself and frequently asked questions.

Week 3 teaches the Self Mastery cards  and the Relationship
Spread. Reading for others for fun and profit.

Week 4 focuses on letting your intuition guide you through a
reading. Practice spreads with actual clients.

APRIL Tarot Class!
Includes The Thoth Deck and all handouts!