Actual Testimonials from Real Clients and Media Resources.
Testimonials and Media Appearances
" Rick is accurate! He warned me about not being at my current job much longer.
Then he told me I would be pursuing a new career within two months. Within one
month my job was eliminated and I was able to find a new career and position
with a great new company. I was prepared instead of devastated!
Now I am happily starting my new career."

Ellyn L.
Marketing and Promotions Specialist
Centennial, Colorado
" I found Rick from a referral by my sister who lives in Colorado. I scheduled my first
phone reading 6 months ago. My life was full of turmoil. Rick helped me find what I was
creating and what was in store for me with a positive outcome. Although I have never met
Rick in person for a reading I feel he knows me better than anyone. I call him at least once
a month to find out if I am on the right path. I have moved, gotten a brand new home and
started a new career.
Thank you Rick for your insight and encouragement!"

Cindy H.
Madison, Wisconsin
Rick is on Kay
Byrd's new
Television show
called Get A Grip!
Full 30 minute segment!
" Not being a believer in all this mystical stuff I had a reading from Rick as a gift
from a friend. I must say it was insightful and amazing. When he hit upon a past
life that explained about why I am so afraid of commitment, it all made sense.
He is a master at being able to tell you what is going on before you ask the
questions. I would highly recommend Rick even to the most skeptical."

Michelle L.
Denver, Colorado
"I was amazed at the "reading" you did for was so right on and I am excited
about all the exciting things that you see for me in the future!!! The best "reading
that I have ever had"....thanx again."

Susan Sprague
Las Vegas , N.V.
Channel 9news in the Morning
Reggie Rivers of The Broncos
Gets a reading from Rick
about the upcoming College
basketball season!
Channel 4 News!!!
A Video from Cindy!!