Readings and Conventions (Upcoming Events)
Performing readings throughout the United States, Mexico
and Europe. To schedule a reading at these events please
call 303-809-4757
Phone readings or SKYPE always available.
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Rick Finbow Psychic Medium
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New Online
Tarot class!

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August 2017

August 7th Breakfast with a Psychic
The Egg and I restaurant in Lakewood.
Receive your Animal Totem for the month
and a mini psychic reading.
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August 9th The Minister and the Mystic
in St. Pete, Florida!
Dr. David Goldberg and I will be at The
First Unity Campus, Offering An Evening
of Fun and Insight
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August 13th The Minister and the
Mystic, Animal Totem workshop in St.
Pete, Florida!
Explore Animals Strengths and value in
our everyday life!!!
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September 4th Breakfast SOLD OUT!!!
with a Psychic
Egg and I in Lakewood,
receive your
Animal Totem for the month and a mini-
reading only $25. (Breakfast sold
Separately) Click here to purchase Tix

September 15-17th Happy Me
Conference in the Netherlands
Dr. David and Rick will be Keynote
speakers and workshop hosts.